About us


kleeKayla Lee (Harvard University)

Kayla is a 2013 graduate of Hampton University. Unlike many of her classmates who were interested in medical school, her various summer research experiences encouraged her to pursue graduate school. She is currently a graduate student in the Molecular and Cellular Biology program at Harvard University. Her life life consists of lab, Netflix, and a little cooking on her off days.




Chiara Ricci-Tam (Harvard University)

Chiara’s path through academia has been less a purposeful march than the random walk of butterfly-chasing. It was out of fascination with the fine mechanics of living systems that she enrolled as a molecular biology major at the UC San Diego; it was out of sheer curiosity that she minored in psychology and philosophy despite its tangentiality; and it was a spontaneous decision that led her to take up an offer to pilot proteomics work in the lab of Dr. Joe Pogliano. What began as summer dabbling soon stretched into three years, with classes being relegated to the spare time between experiments. The daily grind and puzzle-solving nature of research proved so satisfying that, faced with imminent graduation, she chose to apply to graduate schools for no other reason other than to prolong the enjoyment while still being productive. Now as a Ph.D student in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences program at Harvard Medical School, she continues as a child at play, running after elusive questions of systems biology while trying to help others discover the thrill of the chase.


yarden_profile_smallerYarden Katz (Harvard University)

Yarden was once an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, set on going to graduate school in philosophy. Life had a different plan and he ended up doing a PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. He’s now a departmental fellow in Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School. He’s interested in the culture and politics of sharing in biomedical science, and in ways of reforming our monumentally broken publishing system.