Frequently asked questions

  1. What is Letters from Graduate School?
    A collection of written experiences and perspectives from current or former graduate students, about the aspects of graduate school that are sometimes neglected. See our main page for example topics. Our goal is to collect those experiences and make them available on the web, to highlight the diverse tapestry that is graduate school.
  2. Will you publish anonymous entries?
    Yes. We respect the privacy of those who wish to remain anonymous.
  3. Do entries have to be in a letter format?
    No. You can write your essay in whatever format you’d like.
  4. Do you only accept entries from biology graduate students?
    We’re open to entries from all disciplines but our focus is on biology and biomedical science.
  5. How long should the final submission be? Submissions should be under 2,000 words – unless there’s an exceptional reason to keep it longer.
  6. What will actually get published?
    All submissions will be published on our website after editing and a subset of entries will be compiled into a book.